V1 Wind Down Part 2. Sunset V1 Vault Governance Support


Executed December 31st, 2022

At this point in time more than 95% of vaulted ALGOs have migrated to the V2 Algofi Vault. As such it is now appropriate to sunset support for governance in the V1 Algofi Vault. This will free up valuable community and core developer time while further encouraging users to move to the V2 Vault which offers users more functionality.


At the conclusion of the current Algorand Foundation Governance period 5 the V1 vault front end will cease to support “locking” and “voting” actions. Users will still be able to claim their period 5 governance reward and remove their ALGOs from the V1 vault. ALGOs in the V1 vault will continue to be treated as collateral. This will not impact smart contract behavior at all and will only affect specific front end support.

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