Suggestion: Polls

Suggestion: Encourage the use of polls in Governance threads to allow forum users to vote and make their view known without having to comment. This would provide a rough measure of sentiment. A preferred template could be provided.

Possible example:

Are Polls in Governance threads a good idea?

  • Yes, and no further clarification required
  • Yes, though further clarification is required
  • No
  • Undecided

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Good idea. Allows a soft vote to gauge interest. Should help when deciding when to move from temperature check to proposal.

For reference, polls are located here:

Initial interface allows for simple single or multiple choice polls:


If you click the gear again (yellow highlighted above), vastly more customisable polls are available for creation:

Using customisable, single choice and setting a 1-2 week auto close could be useful in gauging interest for a set period and provide a rough timeline to escalate the thread to the next level of discussion if warranted.


This is a great idea! The results and participation rates of these polls could be used as criteria for whether a proposal moves from Temperature Check → Proposal Staging and Proposal Staging → Proposal Discussion.

Some parameters for the community to consider:

  1. How much participation (quorum) should be required for a poll to be valid?
  2. How should editing of the document be considered while a poll is active?
    Example: User A votes Yes for original proposal. Proposal is edited in a way that User A would disagree with, but they don’t revote.

Once the community has decided on the specific numbers, we’ll move this to the official proposal process document.

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It seems like if something isn’t controversial or in the official proposal discussion phase there isn’t as much attention paid to some posts. Considering this, maybe a lower threshold for yes votes can be applied? If the poll fails, the proposal fails. If the poll closes with a vote of approval maybe a total vote count of 10 can be sufficient to move a proposal on to staging? What does everyone think?

Quorum should be based on quantity of users of the forum, preferably active users though I imagine there isn’t a great deal of data yet given how new this is. This will become easier as a greater spread of trust levels is achieved by users.

With only 99 basic users on the forum, arbitrarily an initial 12 users with a 2/3 majority required to proceed. That rounds nicely. Review numbers required in a month, when forum hits 200 users, or as required.

Poll must be open for min 48 hours and is opened at the discretion of the thread initiator. No changing of intent or function of the proposal allowed once the poll is active, only clarifying changes allowed with change summary listed at bottom of post. To be moderated by those with Leader/Admin privs.

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Made some slight changes to the parameters listed here based on others’ feedback. You can check out the changes in the proposal process document!

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Good teamwork @Wenz and @matthew