Should there be a set list of pre-requirements for token listing proposal discussions?

Based on comments on other posts to list x or y tokens, it seems we should vote on and implement a list of pre-requirements for a token listing proposal to be considered and open for discussion on the forum (including under temperature check) so as to avoid wasting everyone’s time and energy.

As a starting point, if having an official list of prerequisites seems fair to you, I’d consider the following by pcolella: Adding DEFLY to the lending market - #13 by pcolella

If this post gets a decent number of likes, I’ll move the discussion to proposal staging.

Note: this is not about the proposal approval process itself, I think there’s a good discussion already going on here - Require a feasibility assessment before allowing a proposal to be voted on


Since this is also a protocol security concern I would encourage the devs to come up with bare minimum quantifiable requirements for things like liquidity, CEX oracles, and whatnot. This should probably be on the docs or outside of governance imo. I think Paul’s post is a good starting point.

Then, any community run procedure could be more focused on whether there is sufficient interest and if the addition would be strategically useful, among other things.