Rationale for BANK yield notation?

Hi all,

I’m trying to understand why the UI denotes BANK yield in terms of BANK/$10k supplied/year while the Aeneas rewards are given in APY (i.e. taking the price of algo into account automatically)? Is the idea to encourage users not to think of BANK as a speculative asset and instead principally as voting power?

In my opinion it just makes calculating yield from various collateral/borrowing strategies annoying since we need to get a price stream for BANK ourselves while the protocol itself has many BANK pools from which the price can be calculated, allowing the UI to just give the yield denoted in APY.

Is this notation annoying anybody else?

afaik its because of the volatility of the BANK price which would lead to volatility in the APR that could irritate people

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Could we display both? or the APY in the tooltip?

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