Opt-out Button #freealgo

Gm kind sers,

I think the title speaks by itself, it is not a big change, not really important but i believe it would greatly increase UX

proposal : Add an Opt-out button for every smartcontract on the platform

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I think this is a good idea, adding a poll though so opinions can be collected

Should Algofi add an “opt-out of all contracts” button?
  • Yes, ASAP
  • Yes, but not ahead of other priorities
  • No

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I think generally this is a good thing to have. However, I’m not sure I understand the implications. Perhaps I’m just naive, but it seems that opting out of contracts may lock funds on the platform or inside the contracts. I think there would need to be a series of warnings, and or checks to make sure that things are drained correctly and in the right order. I voted “not ahead of other priorities” because this feels like it could be more complicated.

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i dont really wanna say it but yieldly had an opt out process that would first ask you to sign withdrawal + claim rewards txs and then give you the option to opt out which is good imo


Yes this is a good idea.