Nimble Insurance partnership?

Algofi :handshake: Nimble ?

Experienced DeFi investors…

Would a potential partnership with a DeFi Insurance protocol, like Nimble Insurance, be beneficial for Algofi long term?

Key points:

  1. Algofi users would have the option to pay for insurance protection for their ALGO and USDC. Maybe that leads to more TVL flowing into Algofi.

  2. Nimble would gain access to Algofi’s customer base as prospective policy holders.

  3. Algofi could receive income for each successful referral to the Nimble system.

  4. Nimble could accept STBL2 as premium payment.

  5. Nimble could choose Algofi as the dex of choice for liquidity of their token. More trading fees for the protocol but also possible Nimble rewards to LP providers for staking.

  6. Nimble might want to buy BANK to boost their USDC reserves and direct emissions to their LP.

  7. Algofi users, governors and BANK holders likely then become Nimble liquidity providers and therefore the voting claims department of Nimble for if something goes wrong.

  8. A new link with the Nimble logo could appear under the menu bar account section.

  9. If we don’t act, other DeFi protocols will first.

  10. The only risk is not security risk but only of credibility and reputation if somehow Nimble is no good. The link will be directly to Nimble’s app so you could imagine a scenario where a user unhappy with Nimble for whatever reason wants to blame Algofi.

I’m really tired. I don’t have the answers. But I’m confident we can figure this out together.

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I had a thread in general started to try and get more usage of STBL. Many people were looking outside the ecosystem but I think we need to make connections with everyone on algorand and get them to take STBL as a payment option.

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How does that relate to this thread?

I think we need to explore partnerships with anyone and everyone and on any level possible. The integration of adding STBL will help grow algofi usage as well as opening up these other companies to more potential user and pay.

Are you saying, yes partner with Nimble and allow payments in STBL2? Bc that would make sense

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Yes I am. I think we need to partner with any reputable association.

Definitely worth investigating further. I believe there was already a hint of FF nimble partnership.

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