Launch USDC-ALGO Lending Pool


Executed October 31st, 2022

The Algofi Core Developer team will launch a USDC-ALGO Lending Pool to the V2 lending protocol.
To learn more about Lending Pools, see a write up here.


Launch a USDC-ALGO Lending Pool.

The motivation is to drive USDC and ALGO liquidity on the V2 lending protocol. Additionally, the USDC-ALGO Lending pool would be a capital efficient mechanism for users of the lending protocol and Algofi DEX to earn yield from lending interest and trading fees in the pool.


Agree. This seems fundamental to bridging liquidity. USDC is the future of USD stablecoins at the moment, so we better accept it and ride the wave.


USDC/ALGO Looks great


Great Idea. Please also add a ALGO/goBTC Lending Pool.

Agreed. This is a cornerstone piece. USDC is an extremely important element of collateral for STBL2 and of the Algorand Ecosystem. It makes sense to incentivize building this liquidity by making an USDC-ALGO Lending Pool.

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I agree with the importance that this Usdc/Algo pairing holds. My concern is that it may be too many options too soon, potentially diluting the current liquidity within the ecosystem. I lean toward a wait and see the data approach here with a vote further down the line. Pushing Stbl2 is very important at this stage, imo.


Agree with this, at least until next governance and Aeneas rewards run out I’d imagine it’ll be difficult to attract a lot of liquidity to this pool. People will have to decide between using AlgoFi and get some BANK emissions or use other platforms with Aeneas + Governance rewards.


Seems counter to driving STBL2 adoption.

There are already multiple avenues for USDC holders to get yield from the protocol, we don’t need to further incentivise here. To allow USDC-ALGO fragments liquidity needlessly, when anyone trying to swap will be automatically routed from USDC → STBL2 → ALGO automatically anyway.

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USDC/ALGO pool is a strong one.

yeah normally i would agree with you, but ALGO-USDC is such an important LP (probably the most important one on chain) such that we cant just take the other DEXs all the TVL. but i hope that the routing can be implemented so STBL2 can be used as the intermediary asset for stuff like this


why launch it on v2? v1 doesnt have anything to offer but the 9% stbl staking (and sometimes their supply rewards are higher than v2 also). is v1 disbanding?

yeah V1 will not be further improved