Expanding Nanoswap

Since Nanoswap follows a similar design as Curve, it would be really nice to see more pairs added.
Expanding Algofi’s DEX utility should be priority to increase volumes and increase network effects.

Specifically would be good to start with Algo/gAlgo nano pool.


I second this motion. Should also consider nanoswap liked wrapped assets. Wormhole ETH/goETH, Wormhole USDC/USDCa, etc.


I think this was the original intention of nano swap so it could probably go right to the proposal section. I would say that we should vote on each individual pair and not on groups.


the problem with sth like ALGO-gALGO could be that its harder to incentivize adding liquidity to that pool when liquidity providers only earn 0.1% of fees instead of 0.25%. but as far as i can tell the fee is a variable that can be set, so maybe set up a nanoswap pool but keep the 0.25% fees for liquidity providers?


The major issue with ALGO-gALGO (and gALGO in general) is it needs to be re-registered every single governance cycle, which means all liquidity will need to be pulled each governance cycle, this could cause a lot of confusion and a pretty bad user experience around that time. Also gALGO (logically) should trade about 3-5% under algo at the beginning of governance and then at parity at the end, this behavior does not lend itself well to nano swap, which targeted at assets that should always be in parity.

I think more promising pairs would be algomint assets with wormhole assets, assuming wormhole reaches broad usage.


the curve design allows for other pegs beside 1-1, sth like 0.95-1, would it be possible to shift the peg depending on how many weeks till the period ends (i think time is sth thats not easy to implement with SCs but i still wanted to ask)?

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can we at least get a nanoswap pool for STBL2 to USDT?


Yes, but if you have more volume, it could make up for it

Perhaps a three way pool between STBL2-USDC-USDT?


3 way pool is something I started implementing but didn’t really finish before launch. It’s pretty tricky to do in the AVM and I’m not sure it’s worth the trouble

Yes partially because its very popular to short at the moment. But also with USDCa seemingly on the Horizon for Binance, a lot of that cohort likes to use Tether. KuCoin also supports direct USDT withdrawls on Algorand. While I 100% agree with Tether having a 0% collateral factor, I think supporting swaps will be good for liquidity. It adds another market for arbitragers to take advantage of.