Daily BANK Emissions - 1.7MM or 870k?

Hi, based on the distribution document I am calculating a daily community BANK emission to be a little over 1.7 MM . However, given the allocation schedule, what I am receiving in the pools seems to indicate a daily total emission of 870k. So I must be figuring something incorrectly with the 1.7MM.

Here’s how I’m getting that :

The community in year 1 gets 12.5% of total VeBANK supply (5BB), Year 2 9%, and so on. When you sum all of the years, the total for the community comes to 51% of the total supply.

So per day right now, the community receives 5BB * 12.5% / 365 = 1.712 MM .

Can someone shed some light on what I am getting wrong here? Thanks.

the airdrop is part of the 12.5% distributed in year 1


Oh right! Got it . Thank you so much.

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