BANK Emissions Distribution (November 30th-December 31st)


Executed November 30th, 2022

Before the Rewards Manager is launched, the Algofi DAO will approve allocations of BANK emissions on a monthly basis. Since the voting period is 2 weeks from November 16th - November 30th, this proposal concerns emissions from November 30th - December 31st.

After the voting period for this proposal passes, a new proposal for allocating emissions will be launched for voting by the community, which will concern emissions from December 31st - January 31st.

Users are encouraged to voice their opinions on future emission allocations in the Temperature Check category of the governance forum to ensure they are taken into consideration for preparing emissions proposals. Ultimately, this process will be automated on chain with the Rewards Manager.

The motivation is to promote the growth of liquidity on the Algofi lending protocol and DEX.

Emission allocations can be found below.


Change BANK emission allocations to Lending markets, Lend and Earn contracts, Staking contracts, and the Algofi Vault in the proportions outlined below. With the discontinuation of the Aeneas rewards program and based on the feedback of the community, BANK emissions are increased in the USDC Lend & Earn to promote stablecoin liquidity. Furthermore, BANK is allocated to the soon to be launched ALGO-BANK LP staking contract.

Contract Allocation [%]
USDC Market Lend and Earn Supply 26.75%
USDT Market Lend and Earn Supply 2.00%
ALGO Market Borrow 0.50%
USDC Market Borrow 0.50%
goBTC Market Borrow 0.25%
goETH Market Borrow 0.25%
USDT Market Borrow 0.25%
STBL2-USDC-LP Market Supply 32.50%
STBL2-ALGO-LP Staking Contract 9.00%
STBL2-goBTC-LP Staking Contract 3.00%
STBL2-goETH-LP Staking Contract 3.00%
USDC-ALGO LP Staking Contract 4.00%
ALGO Vault Supply 10.00%
STBL2-BANK-LP Staking Contract 4.00%
ALGO-BANK-LP Staking Contract 4.00%

In the event the proposal does not pass, the ALGO-BANK lending pool will still be launched but without the associated staking contract.


It will be nice if you post the current allocation ratio so that users compare it to the proposed one. Thanks

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Contract Old Allocation [%] New Allocation [%] Difference [%]
USDC Market Lend and Earn Supply 23.50% 26.75% 3.25%
USDT Market Lend and Earn Supply 5.00% 2.00% -3.00%
ALGO Market Borrow 1.00% 0.50% -0.50%
USDC Market Borrow 2.00% 0.50% -1.50%
goBTC Market Borrow 0.50% 0.25% -0.25%
goETH Market Borrow 0.50% 0.25% -0.25%
USDT Market Borrow 1.00% 0.25% -0.75%
STBL2-USDC-LP Market Supply 32.50% 32.50% Same
STBL2-ALGO-LP Staking Contract 8.00% 9.00% 1.00%
STBL2-goBTC-LP Staking Contract 4.00% 3.00% -1.00%
STBL2-goETH-LP Staking Contract 4.00% 3.00% -1.00%
USDC-ALGO LP Staking Contract 4.00% 4.00% Same
ALGO Vault Supply 10.00% 10.00% Same
STBL2-BANK-LP Staking Contract 4.00% 4.00% Same
ALGO-BANK-LP Staking Contract 0.00% 4.00% 4.00%

I know that I can easily search for it from the previous vote discussion, but I am a bit lazy. Plus, that would an easier way to track changes.

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Great! Thanks for your effort!!!

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I’d love to see some of USDC <> ALGOs allocation go to USDT lending. The amount of lending is shallow since tether can’t be used as collateral and rates are starting to drift a bit high vs USDC. Some allocation to the supply of goETH and goBTC STBL2 pairs could be nice so that STBL2 is a bit more diversified in its backing and some deeper liquidity for pools. Otherwise the rest looks great to me.

I know emmissions must be strong for the USDC | STBL2 to maintain the PEG for STBL2, but the ecosystem is equally important to support. A believe a stronger emmission should be given to STBL2| ALGO, to help support the chain.

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