Algofi Governance Proposal Process

This document is a suggested process for developing Algofi Governance Proposals. It is a living document intended to be owned, modified and enforced by the Algofi community.


  1. is a Discourse forum for governance-related discussion.
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  1. Governance Portals

Currently, the best place to delegate and cast votes is through the Algofi interface.


Phase 0 (recommended): Temperature Check

The purpose of the Temperature Check is to gauge if there is sufficient interest to make changes to the status quo and to determine the details of what this change should entail.

To create a temperature check:

  1. Create a Discourse post in the “Temperature Check” category outlining the potential change.

Phase 1: Proposal Staging

Proposals should be formally drafted and posted in the Proposal Staging category in the Algofi Discourse to gather feedback on parameters and make changes before moving on to the official proposal stage.

Posts in this category should include a poll (tutorial on how to do so can be found here).

To be approved as an official proposal and be able to move on to Phase 2, this poll should meet the quorum of at least 10 votes, have a simple majority over 50% approval, and be ongoing for at least 48 hours.

Phase 2: Governance Proposal

To create a proposal:

  1. Create a topic in the Proposal Discussion category in the Algofi Discourse.
    Note: Posts made in this category are unable to be edited to avoid foul play.
  2. Using the same title and the web link of the Discourse post, create a proposal through the Algofi Governance Portal.
    Note: Proposals in this category have editing disabled.

Proposals that do not adhere to the following rules will be removed by moderators.

Proposal Rules

  1. Proposals must be relevant to the Algofi protocol or the governance process
  2. Duplicate/spam proposals are not allowed
  3. Proposals must be technically feasible within the existing Algofi protocol infrastructure
  4. Proposals may not include false or misleading facts or figures