Adding $XET to the lending & borrowing market

Proposing to add the Xfinite Entertainment Token to the lending & borrowing market to be able to use it as collateral. I think there are quite a few of us who own some $XET as a long-term investment and would like to use it as collateral as well or on top of just staking it.

A few points to take into consideration are its current supply and dilution rate as well as volatility, thus how to set an appropriate collateral factor if it was added? Could algofi collaborate with the XET team to provide staking rewards as an additional lending incentive?

How’s the temperature on this? :slight_smile:

a general idea of what an ASA would have to fulfill to be even considered listing with a collateral factor of 0. and i think XET is far away from being a blue-chip ASA but thats just my opinion


Im going to side with lobo on this one.

I think a more strategic response would be appropriate

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We need tough love or else we will get a new posting a week on why YLDY or Buttcoin should be listed.


Hey, appreciate the passion you have for the project, but let’s keep the discussion constructive and civil please :slight_smile:


While I understand it’s turning into “let’s add my biggest bag” we still have to be respectful so we don’t turn people off to the algofi ecosystem.


Thanks for your input lobo, fair points. Reading the other comments, I would then propose the community to vote on what would be the requirements for a token to be listed and to have it written somewhere pinned in the forum not to waste everyone’s time with a never-ending number of listing requests.

Also on the temperature check post, how many likes should one consider to be enough to proposal discussion stage?

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