Adding a Bank lending market

Thoughts on adding a Bank lending market. It might be dumb to borrow something that’s only use requires it to be locked, but it might still be worth putting it out there.

I think adding BANK to the lending market would be a mistake for several reasons. Allowing people to supply it and earn supply interest would disincentivize locking it for governance. Allowing people to borrow BANK would open expose the protocol to malicious attacks whereby a bad actor could supply large amounts of another assets and borrow a large enough amount of BANK to lock it for a relatively short-term, introduce a malicious proposal and cast enough votes to pass it. In addition to the risks it would introduce it is not clear that adding bank to the lending market would provide any benefit.


Unless BANK is useful for anything other than speculation and governance, I’m not sure what else people would borrow it for except to beef up their votes.

Idk, might be shortsightedness, but I cant see an immediate benefit. Anyone else?


I think you are right @Ammeni. BANK is a governance token. No need to take any additional risk looking for a BANK use case or market.