2 separate BANK/ALGO .25% pools?

When I go into the DEX stats page at https://info.algofi.org/asset-info/900652777, I’m seeing that there are two different ALGO/BANK pools at .25%. What gives? Why are there 2? Is there a difference between the two? If I try to pool ALGO/BANK, which pool will my tokens go to? Is there a way to control which pool? Is there a difference? Doesn’t having 2 pools of the same coin mess with the liquidity? These are the questions running through my head when I see this. I tried looking around, but I haven’t found a response for it. At first, I thought it was a bug of some sort. Does anyone here know? Any guidance or information would be greatly appreciated!

There is one Lending Pool and one normal pool. When you add to a pool you can use the sliders top right to select the pool type. Only the LP tokens for the lending pool can be farmed

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Thanks for the clarification. There’s no way to differentiate them on that DEX info page. Also, that DEX info page looks really wonky all the time. Do the rest of the people on here use a different way to evaluate the DEX movement?